At BMT Weiser, we specialize in many different types of fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates, purees, and more. Through our newly-launched blog, you will find insights into some of our product specializations. You can explore our blog posts below.

The Deliciousness (+ Health Benefits) of Coconut Yogurt

Written and Published by Ned Weiser on November 21, 2019


We hear a lot these days about the benefits of yogurt, particularly when it comes to maintaining good digestion and a healthy gut. But what about those who prefer a plant-based diet? How can these people receive the probiotic health benefits of yogurt without having to consume an animal-based product associated with environmental and health issues? One answer: coconut yogurt made from coconut milk. Coconut yogurt offers many of the same health benefits of dairy yogurt, with the added benefits of naturally occurring vitamins and other benefits that only plant-based products can provide.


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5 Healthy Reasons to Love Everything Pumpkin

Written and Published by Ned Weiser on October 31, 2019


If there’s any food that basically defines the arrival of fall, it’s pumpkin. We enjoy pumpkin flavors in all sorts of places—pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes, and even pumpkin juice. As it turns out, this “guilty pleasure” is loaded with health benefits, so, no cause to feel guilty.

Let’s look at five healthy reasons to love everything(!) pumpkin, valid any time of year.


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6 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato Juice

Written and Published by Ned Weiser on September 25, 2019


In the past few years, the sweet potato has emerged in popularity as more than just the stuff of casseroles, pies and that candied dish Aunt Susan brings to holiday dinners. Many people now use sweet potatoes as a tastier, healthier alternative to white potatoes (sweet potato fries, anyone?). But even that doesn’t tell the whole story. As it turns out, sweet potatoes are among the most all-around nutritious and sustaining foods available and juicing them can amplify their health benefits. BMT Weiser offers sweet potato juice concentrate among its wide variety of healthy juice products.

The health benefits of sweet potato juice are practically too many to count—so we’ve compressed the list down to the top six.


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5 Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

Written and Published by Ned Weiser on September 4, 2019


For years, the cucumber has been valued for its refreshing flavor and hydrating properties, which is why cucumber-infused water is often the beverage of choice in upscale day spas and hotel lobbies. But cucumbers offer more than just great flavor; in fact, many nutritionists and wellness professionals have touted cucumber juice for its rich vitamin and mineral content, as well as for its detoxification benefits. BMT Weiser specializes in both HPP-Ready frozen, raw cucumber juice, and cucumber juice concentrate.

Researchers have noted a number of health benefits associated with drinking cucumber juice. Let’s look at five of them.


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Three Trends from June BevNET Live & Cannabis Conferences in NYC

Written and Published by Ned Weiser on July 1, 2019


BMT Weiser attended the BevNET Live Beverage & Cannabis Conferences in NYC, June 12th-14th. BevNET Live showcased exciting developments within the beverage industry – and BMT Weiser had a front-row seat to the latest and greatest.

BMT Weiser listened in on various beverage product presentations and demonstrations. Read three of the most-notable beverage trends at BevNET Live this year.


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Six Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Written and Published by Ned Weiser on May 30, 2019


Tart cherries are typically consumed dried, frozen, juiced, or fresh. They are frequently found in jams and preserves and are used for cherry pies and other delicious cherry treats. Besides being delicious, they are also nutritious. At BMT Weiser, we specialize in offering tart cherry juice (both NFC and concentrate.)

Many nutritionists agree tart cherries can boost one’s overall health. Read about six noteworthy health benefits consuming tart cherry juice provides.


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